🗓 Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Session 1

A quick update from the AWS User Group Committee.

Session 2

Tom Cully (Black Raven) - Innovation not Disruption - Avoiding the Scam Economy in Digital Transformation 🙅🏻‍

Are we as an industry asking ‘What problems do our customers want to solve?’ or ’What is the smallest value at the highest price that can we get away with?’ At the close of the decade, it seems everyone is trying to sell their latest AI-powered, Blockchain-enabled, Cloud-ready Digital Transformation silver bullet.

Black Raven believes that Disruption is good for business, but not for technology; that Disruption without substance is toxic - and conversely, that being Innovative is about using amazing new technologies to solve real problems for real people, and delivering real results.

Get tips from a pro on how to both avoid bullshit and bullshit artists in the age of pervasive bluster and lies, and how to make sure you’re not inadvertently becoming one of them.

Session 3

Lynda Bushe from Accenture will present on Mixy, the smart IoT Cocktail Mixer using an Internet connected Raspberry Pi. Full voice control with Alexa / Amazon Echo, streaming commands into AWS via Kinesis 🚀

Imagine a world where you just say “Alexa, tell Mixy to make me a ‘Pollys Punch’”? Or an “Alexa’s Revenge”? Come and have a drink on us from an AI cocktail maker driven entirely by AWS.

Mixy was originally built for the 2017 AWS Reinvent and since then we have used Mixy to highlight AWS services, have some creative thinking about what to do with the Raspberry Pi sitting unused in your drawer and to discuss what other innovation can be designed with AWS. Mixy isn’t just about getting a drink, Mixy is the output of Design Thinking and rapid prototyping – all able to be done quickly through AWS.

Our Accenture AWS Mixologist is entirely driven by AWS and includes Alexa voice services, Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS IOT and of course – the key ingredient – vodka! Come and hear how Mixy was built, how it works and join in a conversation on innovation using AWS services. “Stormy cloud” anyone?