Additional Regulations

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Regulations of the AWS User Group

1. These regulations are made by the Committee under sections 8.1 and 25.1 of our constitution


  1. Anyone can become a member of the society by agreeing to comply with the obligations in section 15 of our constitution and applying to the executive committee.
  2. Every member of the society is required to be active in at least one of the societies’ committees.
  3. The executive committee may decline applications if it so chooses.


The society has the following committees:

  1. The executive committee (the president, vp, secretary, treasurer, and 1 representative from each of the other committees)
  2. Meetup subcommittee
  3. Special events subcommittee (ie. annual conference)
  4. Career Progression subcommittee

Creation of regulations

  1. Regulations are created by the agreement of the executive committee.
  2. Proposals for new regulations are to be formatted as github pull requests.