AGM 2023

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AGM 2022

Annual General Meeting 2023

AGM 15th August 2023


Meeting Minutes

1. Attendance

Apologies from President Terence White. Meeting will be run by Vice President Mark Goatley. Terence has delegated his vote including his casting vote (if required) to Mark for the duration of the meeting.


, , Dylan Mama, , , R,


2. Summary of Presidents Report 2023 – Terrance White

3. Financial Annual Report 2023 – Chris Watson

Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet

Supplementary Notes

FY 2022 Corporate Tax – Carried Over into FY 2023

The FY 2022 had a profit, of which there resulted in $2,149.47 owed to the IRD as Corporate Tax.

Ideally this would have been a journal entry, effective 31 Mar 2022. However this was recorded on the balance sheet for FY 2022 has a liability.

Therefore this is reflected in FY 2023 expenses, resulting in a Loss of $2,947.86. Excluding this results in an adjusted Loss of $798.39.

Adjusted for Resident Withholding Tax of $1.76 this resulted in a Taxable Loss of $796.63. This taxable loss will be carried forward to the FY 2024 taxable period.

For future years which are profitable, resulting in Corporate Tax owed, these will be journaled effective 31 Mar.




4. Amendments to our Constitution

The committee moves the following two amendments to our constitution per 22.2 of our constitution.

4.a Update to how Person’s cease to be members

The committee recommends the addition of the following wording to make the first line in section 6.1 to be:

* They are removed by majority vote of the Society at a Society Meeting, or by majority vote at a Committee meeting that has quorum..

4.b Update Committee Membership

Add Section 7.5:

7.5 The Committee may vote additional Society Member(s) onto the Committee at any time. This excludes Officer positions, which must be voted for via Annual General Meetings or Special Annual General Meetings.

5. Notice of Resignation from Committee

    • Steven Ensslen is overseas and will no longer be on the committee, we thank Steven for his massive contribution over the years and look forward to him joining us again hopefully in the future.

6. Nominations for Committee (And Exec Positions)

    • President – Mark

    • Vice President – Hrishi

    • Treasurer – Chris (current)

    • Secretary – Seb (current)

Voting on Proposals

4.a. voted as per screenshot below

4.b. voted as per screenshot below

6. All committee members proposed (incl. exec positions) voted in agreement as per the Teams chat screenshot:



  • Merge change in GIT ( )and update website ()-

  • Submit documents to the companies office

Other Business

Dylan looking to setup Northland User Group, we will add him to the committee and provide support where we can.